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Irvine Black Car and Airport Transportation Services
Provide mostly black cars and suvs with a great range of service, amenities and pricing.  Very rarely can you find a company that provides a taxi like price, with great vehicles, nice drivers, and the best service.  Irvine Yellow Cab . Com recommends :

Black Car Alliance LLC for Airport Trips and for longer distance Point To Point service.  Black Car Alliance LLC or known as BCA, is one of the few black car services in Irvine that provides a winning combination, at a value or inexpensive price.  They field the 2014 Chevy Suburban as standard equipment, compared to older 4-10 year old taxicabs that are used primarily within the city of Irvine.  Pricing is just lower than standard taxi rates, provided the $35 minimum is met.  Current Taxi rates are at $2.75 a mile, with BCA Black Cars providing a discount at closer to $2.50 or $2.00 a mile for longer trips via special airport rates.

In Irvine, Black Car Alliance provides superior service compared to Yellow Cab Services, with the following amenities:

-Late model black suv or sedan service
-Clean and well maintained vs. some taxis, with a pleasant smell
-Complimentary ice cold or warm water, soft drinks, and gum or mints
-Driver who will assist or walk with luggage and bags, while opening the 
door and welcoming you onto your journey
-Climate, sound, and window adjustments at your whim
-Customized music, according to your favorite artist
-Wifi and Ipad in some situations
-A price lower than taxi cabs standard meter fares
-A driver focused on service and excellent interaction skills

- Driver knows when to be quiet and keep to himself
- Driver has good hygiene
- Drive welcomes you and smiles                                                                                  Unbelievable Low Price ! 2014 Chevy Suburban                                                                                                                                                                        Much lower price than even Uber Black
Fits Up To 7 Passengers and Luggage
                                                                                                                                                                     With 5 Star Service Driver and Amenities

 Quite honestly, the choice is clear....  The best car service in Irvine.

Black Car Alliance LLC 

Irvine Yellow Cab Services /  
Provide on demand and reservation taxi cab service throughout the City of Irvine with an emphasis on local residential and business service.   The positive that taxi cabs have over a black car service is a matter of sheer response time.   If your black car serfvice cannot make it within minutes, try a local cab company.  Yellow Cab is available in a pinch.  

 Irvine is one of the nation's largest planned urban communities, encompassing more than 55 square miles.  The University of California's sprawling campus also brings the challenge of individual campus buildings and housing to Irvine's intricate network of "spaghetti" streets.  From the commercial centers of the Irvine Spectrum, to the commercial centers of the John Wayne Airport, to the new development of Quail Hill and to the newest homes in North Irvine, you can expect Irvine Yellow Cab Companys to respond.   On average, a Yellow Cab Company can service hundreds of calls per day with over600 licensed vehicles in the area.  Taxi service for Irvine and surrounding areas is easily available 24 hours a day.  Taxicabs are White,Yellow, and other colors with company markings to help you distinguish from other Yellow TaxiCab services.  Ask how Irvine Yellow Taxicabs can bring a fast response time  to your front door.   Order an Irvine Taxi or Book a reservation ( Read More )

Irvine Taxi Services - Are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Taxi cab prices are regulated at $2.95 to start and $2.75 a mile with a time based .55 cent a minute component when the Irvine Taxi is not moving.  They charge the same prices, even if its busy.  Avoid the surge pricing with apps and other companies that may want to charge higher taxi rates than what is allowed.  Taxicabs provide the most reliable pricing and can even offer flat rates to lengthy destinations.   

Here are four of the major taxi cab companies with cabs located in Irvine, California.  These seem to have a decent reputation and are all computer dispatched and have computer reservations.

Compare Taxi cabs In Irvine, CA.
Take a taxi to anywhere in Irvine, you'll be glad you did.  There are 4 major taxicab companies servicing the Irvine, CA area. Irvine Taxi, Cab, and Airport Transportation Zip Codes of Service Include:


Please note:   The following taxi cab company services are provided as a courtesy, as part of this directory.  They are not advertisers and do not pay for this listing.  The companies are not affiliated with IrvineYellowCab.Com and we do not recommend any of them.   Use at your own risk and responsibility.  WE are not responsible for missed flights, bungled reservations, or other service issues.   Provided for your information only.  No warranty or suitability for fitness or use is implied or expressed below.  Remember, were just providing you some of the taxi options in Irvine....

A White and Yellow Cab Inc.   -  18004MYTAXI
 18004MYTAXI with over 250 taxicabs in or around Irvine 
Specializing in minivan white and yellow Ford Freestars
They have their own taxi app !

24/7 Yellow Cab -
with over 60 taxicabs in the Irvine AREA.
Specializing in Toyota cars and vans

California Yellow Cab -
with over 200 taxis, including at JWA with Toyota Prius, Ford
 Crown Victoria Taxis, and Standard Taxi Vans
Specializing in servicing the John Wayne Airport

Yellow Cab of Greater Orange County -
with over 400 taxis, including the SNA OC Airport with a mix of Prius, Vans, and Sedans
Specialists of the airport and government contracts with the County of Orange.

Airport Transportation By Taxi  Cab to SNA JWA LAX LGB SAN BUR Taxi rides to the airport are the most convenient form of  transportation for the start of any trip, IF YOUR CAB RIDE FROM IRVINE is based on a fast response time.  Avoid leaving your car in a high priced garage or lonely stall next to other cars.  Don't worry about your ride showing up for the trip.  Forget about the shuttles who juggle your trip to the last minute, especially when taxi rates can be much lower when two or more ride.   SNA Airport Cabs are most familiar with the John Wayne Airport.  Includes airport taxi transportation to Orange County Airport, Los Angeles International Airport ... ( Read More )

Irvine Yellow Cab Performance Issues   Irvine Yellow Cab services  provide a decent  blend of taxi dispatching technology, variety vehicles ranging from priuses to minivan cabs, and basic drivers to deliver value for your transportation needs.  Taxicab drivers are one of the heaviest regulated drivers in CA.  ( Read More )

Taxi Services In Irvine  are based nearby and at the airport, to better serve you.  Taxi fleets are spread throughout the City for better response times.  You will never have to wait for a taxi that is sitting at the John Wayne Airport.  Local service means your taxi will arrive from one of  our many taxi-stands located throughout Irvine.  ( Read More )

Taxi Vehicles  include a versatile selection of full size Ford Crown Victorias and Ford Windstars or Freestars that ride like a car.  More prevalent are prius taxicabs and some even upscale minvan taxis.   Up to six can ride for the price of one in a mini-van taxi.  Go in comfort with late model vehicles for any event.  Taxis or cabs will take you where you need to go.  Van taxicabs fit more than people, to fit your dreams.    ( Read More )

Irvine Yellowcab Corporate Accounts & Vouchers  can be set up for most businesses on a 30 day net term basis.   This convenience will allow you to call and take taxi service by providing an account number.   Corporate businesses love the ease of a voucher system or credit card billing account.  Some corporate businesses may prefer a black car service.   ( Read More )

Yellow Cab Airport Taxi Transportation Reservations
Reservations by taxicab to the airport are the most convenient, and with a cab co. one of the most common means to the Airport.  Taxi service will take you to the airport at your convenience.  Your call reserves a vehicle in advance by up to one week, exclusive to only you.  Your reservation is not kept in the air as with most shuttle or other grouped transportation, waiting for placement with other callers, up to the last minute.  This exclusivity provides you the most common method of getting to SNA John Wayne Airport or JWA, LAX Los Angeles Airport, ONT, and LBA  ( or any other airport). 

Downside of Yellow Cab Airport Transportation
The downside of using a taxi to get to an airport is this....   You cannot normally be assured of a booking or reservation for the return trip.  Airports are typically under contract with taxi companys that may or may not have enough influence to keep out competitors...  So, be warned, especially at SNA and LAX, you may not be able to get your same driver or favorite taxi co back.... This problem is resolved when you use a Black Car Service licensed by the PUC.

A prime provider of Black Car or SUV Airport Services takes round trip reservations...

Black Car Alliance LLC    (657)-464-3311

License # TCP 33726

How to Make An Airport Reservation
The easiest way to make a reservation is by calling a cab company.  Other options include chatting a reservation or booking online through a corporate website.  Calls are the most reassuring form of reserving your airport taxi.  Booking through a chat feature, allows you more convenience and real time confirmation by a person on the other end.  Online booking is also a popular  formthat is convenient for your Airport Yellow Cab.  Book online, and receive an email confirmation of your request.  At times , this can be unnerving if you dont receive a real person confirmation.   Online booking does require a lead time of several hours or days.  Chatting and calling are "real time" methods.

Taxi/Airport Transportation Flat Rate
With both a Yellow Cab Service and Black car service, you can get a flat rate.   The flat rate to the airport is a per vehicle cost, so up to six or seven people can ride for the price of one in a minivan taxi or Suburban.  This cost savings provides the "lower than shuttle rate" that taxi companies frequently advertise.   A good tactic is to call two taxi companies and then see if a black ccar service can meet or beat that.  You save money and get better service.

Airport LA Airport and John Wayne Airport Taxi Transportation Pitfalls
Be aware of the "little guy".  Local Irvine companies advertised on the internet may be one or two man shows.  Although they may save you a couple dollars versus our competitive rate - you could pay a much higher price if the taxi does not show.  Irvine Yellow Cab Airport Transportation utilizes Computerized dispatching and reservations to avoid the "cheap ride" reliability problem. 

Irvine Shuttle Service
Irvine Airport Shuttle service can be a surprise.  Shuttles may be a taxicab company in disquise.  One prominent advertiser in the area does not even tell you that they are a taxi company.  Expect a shuttle, and receive a taxi, often older and possibly unlicensed.   The final insult is that they tell you the shuttle could not make it, and they were sent instead.  Avoid this shuttle shuffle and stick with a taxi or black car service when IN IRVINE!
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Taxi and black car service is available to LA Airports and for all needs.   Take an Irvine Cab to LAX Los Angeles Internation Airport, John Wayne Airport SNA / JWA or any other Transportation Venue.  L.A.X. Airport Transportation Specialists offer the lowest taxi and car service fares in Orange County.   CHECK PRICES NOW !   Get the best possible rates to and from Irvine to and from all airports.   If your looking for BEST service and BEST price, try an advertiser today.
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